By Sagar Durgannavar, 11 Jan 2021

LUIS | Let's make our applications smarter

I once found myself in same situation when a customer started talking with my app and I had to tell her that my app does not understand your language. You must click buttons placed in it. "That's a boring app!" she said.

By Sourav Soni, 02 Jan 2021

Optical Character Recognition | Recognizing Text to Labels

OCR is not a new technology, it has been here for years. But now it has become trending with the use of other technologies. From a scanner app to the live language translation app, OCR has become a way for the people and especially for developers to develop a different use-case with the integration of it.

by Shrunga P, 27 Feb 2021

Why Digital Marketing?

If you're only promoting your company through traditional marketing methods, you're missing an excellent opportunity to reach value-added leads through digital marketing.

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